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What are the repair parts for the EZM31200GCBT Series M01 Main device?

Current design repair parts

Product Line:
EZM Metering

Repair parts


Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:

Top Cover assembly - 7329386378 (cover assembly includes the handle)
Bottom cover assembly - EZM31200GCBTBC (cover assembly includes handle, latch, Breaker box/cover and all appropriate labels) 
Cover Screws - 4020513001K (this is a bag of 10 cover screws, the bottom cover uses 4 and the top cover uses 2)
Top cover sealing screws - X1299 (2 required)
Main Circuit Breaker - PGM36120U31A
Bonding Strap Kit  - 7329696760 
Mounting Channel - 7329354303
End Closing Cap Kit - EZMCAP
End Closing Cap Kit (Right Side Only Shallow) - EZMSCAP 
Main Horizontal Bus 'VISI-TITE' Nut - 7329697350 (This is the Double headed nut with the Red disc that connects the main horizontal bus from one EZM unit to the next)
Removable Top Endwall Plate - 7329386552
Mounting screw for removable top endwall plate - 2142717120 (requires 5 screws)
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