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What are the repair parts for an EMT3225CB, Series M03 branch unit?

Current design repair parts

Product Line:
EMT Metering

Repair parts


Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:

Customer Cover with labels - 7329898460 (includes the breaker cover)
Meter Socket Cover - 7329842351
Pull Box/test bypass cover - 7329898453 (includes the handle)
Cover Screws - 4020513002K (this is a bag of 10 screws, the customer cover uses 6, the meter cover uses 2) 
Pull box/Test bypass cover sealing/mounting screws - X1299 (2 required)
Circuit Breaker RB Cover - BCV (this is ONLY the small plastic cover that mounts to the customer cover over the tenant breaker handle)
Meter socket/Test Block Bypass Complete Assembly - 7329895852 (this includes the COMPLETE Test block bypass and meter socket assembly's and CANNOT be broken down. The Main Lugs are NOT included with this assembly see main lugs below)
Main Lugs - 4025116251 (One Per Phase)
Main Lugs keps nut - 2342702001 (one per lug)
Main Line and Load Neutral/Ground Lug Assembly - 7329898451 (includes the main neutral lug,load neutral lug and Service Ground lug)
Equipment Ground Lug - 4025116251
Equipment Ground lug mounting screw - 2142720163
Meter Sealing Ring - 2920910001
Bonding Kit - 7329818451
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