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What is the handle force required to operate the handle a Powerpact P frame breaker?

What are the required forces to reset, or turn the Powerpact P frame breaker ON and OFF?

Product Line:
Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Powerpact P Frame (manually operated)

For a manually operated Powerpact P Frame Circuit Breaker (has a toggle handle), following are the forces required to operate the handle.
  • ON = 56 pounds (force required to close the breaker by pushing the handle from OFF to ON)
  • OFF = 34 pounds (force required to open the breaker by pushing the handle from ON to OFF)
  • RESET = 70 pounds (force required to reset the breaker after a trip by pushing the handle from TRIPPED to OFF)
(NOTE: This does not apply to a breaker with a motor operator.)
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