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Explanation of Non-Responding Breaker Alarm on Powerlink G3 Systems

Explanation of Non-Responding Breaker Alarm on Powerlink G3 Systems.    Building Automation Systems Integrator is wanting to make sure that they have an alarm in any breaker is failed.  They want to understand how the Breaker Non Responding register operates.

Product Line:
Powerlink G3 Lighting Control Systems
NF Panelboard
NF1000G3, NF2000G3, NF3000G3, NF3000G3C Controller

Commercial Building Lighting Control

On page 92 of the NF2000/3000 Instruction Bulletin, there is an explanation of Desired, Control, and Actual State of the Breaker.   

Desired = state of breaker determined by Zone Logic
Control = last commanded state of the breaker.   Normally, Control is equal to Desired.  Control can be different from Desired if there is command that outside of the Zone logic.  See example 3 below
Actual = state of breaker determined by true voltage measurement.   There are voltage measurements electronics in each breaker so that Powerlink can determine actual state of the breaker.

Non Responding Breaker Alarm is triggered when the Control State does not match the Actual State.  

Example 1 of Breaker Non-Responding
Breaker has been put in Manual Mode.
Zone 1 has breakers 1,3,5.   Turn Zone 1 ON.   Eject out the White Manual Tab on any breaker.  Turn Zone 1 OFF.   The breaker with the White Tab out in Manual mode will have Actual State ON but Control will be OFF.   It will be Non Responding.

Example 2 of Breaker Non-Responding
Leave the Auto Manaul Tab IN (Auto Mode) but turn off the Black handle of the breaker to the OFF position.
Turn the Zone ON.   The breaker Actual State will stay OFF.   Breaker will be Non Responding.    
This example would be similar if the breaker were to Trip due to over-current or short circuit,

Example 3  
Desired State does not match Control State
Desired does not match control is DOES NOT trigger non-responding.  This is not a problem.   But it can occur.  
For example  Zone 1 has breakers 1,3,5.  Put all breakers into Auto Mode.   Turn Zone 1 ON.   Now, use Direct Breaker Control to turn Breaker #1 OFF.   The Desired State of the Zone is ON.  But the Control and Actual are both OFF.    The Breaker follows "Last Event Logic".  It was first commanded by the Zone to ON, but then it received a direct command to turn OFF.     As long as no one ever uses Direct Breaker Command, then you don't have to worry about cases where Desired does not match Control.   

The Non Responding Status of every breaker can be read using status registers 16072 to 16572.   
More simply, one can read the status of register 17608, which indicates if any breaker is Non Responding.
There are also registers for "Zone with Non Responding Breakers", registers 19900 to 19963.  These indicate if any breaker in that zone is NR.   
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