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PowerLogic PM8000 series meter Digital I/O round-trip time

The PowerLogic PM8000 series meter digital output statistical data is not found in the meter’s technical datasheet.

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PowerLogic PM8000 Series Meter

Intermediate metering offer

The input/output round-trip time data of the PowerLogic PM8000 series meter is required to be incorporated in technical design and/or to ensure the meter meets required specifications.

The round-trip digital I/O time is defined as the time period from when the PM8000 meter receives a pulse/signal on the digital input to when the digital output is pulsed. The triggering of the applicable ION modules is included within these periods of time.

The PowerLogic PM8000 series meter has the following Digital I/O round-trip time statistics:

- For Onboard Digital I/O: A maximum of 20ms.
- For the external PowerLogic I/O: A maximum of 60ms. 

* The type of digital output, KY solid-state or form C relay outputs, used affects the input/output round-trip time. The round-trip time will not exceed values noted above.
* If the digital I/O data route starts initially at the ION modules level of the PM8000 meter, it will require less time to pulse the digital output of the meter.
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