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Procedure for upgrading M340 BMXNOE0100 module using the SD memory card.

The procedure is for M340 BMXNOE0100 modules

User loads new firmware onto the SD Card using Unity Loader Tool:
  • Connect to M340 NOE with Unity Loader tool
  • Click the Firmware Tab:
  • Select the location of the new firmware on left window
  • Check the “Save on Memory Card” check mark
  • Press the 'Transfer' button
  • Disconnect from the Unity Loader tool
  • User can send SD (BMXRMS008M) card to end user, End User loads SD card into NOE SD card slot
  • Unplug the Ethernet cable from the NOE0100 module.
  • Press the reset button on the NOE module and NOE card will automatically load new firmware from SD card (Notice the green LED on the front SD card slot of NOE flashing for a few min.)
  • When flashing stops the “ETH STS” LED on the face of the NOE will be flashing three times.
  • Plug the ethernet cable back into the NOE and “ETH STS” LED should go solid.
  • SD card will no longer have firmware on it
  • New firmware will have to be reloaded on SD card to perform this procedure on more NOE modules
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