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What are the repair parts for the EZM11200GCBT, Series M01 main circuit breaker unit?

Current design repair parts

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EZM Metering Equipment

repair parts



Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:

Top Cover - 7329386378 (this is for the top half of the enclosure and includes the handle)
Bottom Cover - EZM11200GCBTBC (this is for the bottom half of the enclosure and includes the labels, the handle and the box with cover that goes over the breaker face and handle)
Cover Screws - 4020513002K (This is a pack of 10 screws and the top cover requires 3 screw and the bottom cover requires 3 screws)
Cover Sealing Screw - X1299 (Top cover requires 1 and the bottom cover requires 1) 

Main Circuit Breaker - PGM36120U31A
Standard Lugs for Main Circuit Breaker - AL1200P25K (Kit includes 3-lugs and the breaker will ONLY accept 3 Lugs, 1 Lug PER POLE on the 'ON' side of the breaker)
Main Neutral Lugs - MMLK500 (kit includes 3-lugs and the main neutral will ONLY accept 2 lugs) 
Bonding Strap Kit - 7329696760 
Mounting Channel - 7329354303
End Closing Cap Kit - EZMCAP
End Closing Cap Kit (Right Side Only Shallow) - EZMSCAP 
VISI-TITE NUT/WASHER - 7329697350 (this is the Double Deaded nut with the RED disc, that is used to tighten the Main Horizontal Cross Bus together)

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