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Why does my EVlink Charger make a humming or buzzing noise and what can I do to fix it?

Electric vehicle charging station is making a humming or buzzing noise.  Is that normal?  Can it be fixed?

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EVlink Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSE)

EVlink Charger

Hummin or Buzzing Noise

The source of the humming or buzzing noise is probably the electrical contactor. The most common cause is a small amount of debris or dust on the mechanism of the contactor causing the movable portion to not seat perfectly and vibrate.  This is not uncommon for contactor products in general.  Most often this happens in installations where the electrician has to drill holes into the enclosure to connect conduit. But it can occur without any drilling as well.

The following steps are suggested:
1. Shut off power to the unit and open the enclosure.
2. Tap the contactor with a blunt tool such as a screwdriver handle. This should shake off any dust or debris that may have landed on the mechanism
3. If Action #2 did not work, Blow off the contactor with compressed air. The coils are open at the bottom. If you can direct air up from the bottom into the mechanical area of the unit, this will further clean the contactor.
4. Check that the mounting screws of the contactor are tight. 
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