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Is it possible to change the test mode timeout register in the ION 7550/7650 meters?

When attempting to set the test mode timeout value, unable to find the DOP1 test mode timeout similar to the ION 86xx series meters.

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PME Designer, ION Setup

The meter is unable to enter test mode.  The user may be looking for a minimum time period for the ION 7550/7650 meters to stay in test mode and therefore is unable to set the test mode time out value.

The ION 7550/7650 meters are different than the ION 8650 which has a test mode timeout value register called "DOP1 Test Mode Timeout" and is stored in the "Display Options Modules".

There is no timeout value required to place the ION7550/7650 in test mode. The Boolean is either ON or OFF as set by the user. If the user turns on test mode, it will stay ON until it is implicitly turned OFF. Write an OFF state to the Boolean in order to turn it off.

Within the Convert Modules, the “Test Mode Rset” module can be found where the source input is set to: “Test Mode Enble” register and the Enable input.

Within the Scroll Modules, the “TestModePersist” module can be found where the enable input is set to: “Test Mode Enble” register and the Enable input.

Within the Ext Bool Modules, the “Test Mode Enble” module can be found where it has no inputs. It has a single setup register “EB EvPriority” where you can setup the event priority of the test mode.

The ION 7550/7650 test mode survives a power cycle. If the meter is in Test mode before a power cycle, it will remain in test mode following a power cycle.
To turn on Test Mode within ION Setup Basic Configuration:
  1. Run ION Setup, select the ION 7550/7650 meter required and open ‘Setup Assistant’.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Verification’ tab, select ‘Test Mode’ and click Display.

  3. A window prompt should appear indicating that the ‘Meter is now in Test Mode’.

  4. To exit test mode and return to ‘Normal mode’, click ‘Close’ on the test mode window as show below.

  5. Meter is now back in Normal mode should appear.

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