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How to disable the FTP server on an EGX100 Gateway

User is unable to locate the ‘Advanced’ tab in ‘Ethernet & TCP/IP’ settings within the ‘Setup’ menu to disable the internal FTP server on the EGX100 gateway.

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EGX100 as an FTP server

A user may need to disable FTP on TCP port 21 due to cyber-security requirements.

1. Login to the EGX100 webpage by entering the EGX100 IP address into a browser address bar.
  • The default login credentials:
    • Username: Administrator 
    • Password: Gateway
2. Ensure that the EGX100 gateway device is running firmware version 3.000 or later. The firmware version can be found at the bottom left corner of the page.
3. Add ‘/adv_comms_setup.shtml’ at the end of the URL in the browser’s address bar.

4. Select Disable on the ‘FTP server’ dropdown list within the Advanced Communication Settings page.

5. Click Apply.

The EGX100 internal FTP server is now disabled.
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