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Is the calibration equipment for PowerLogic and ION meters ISO 17025 certified?

ISO 17025 certification for calibration equipment used for PowerLogic and ION meters

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ISO 17025 Certification

Customer is unable to find certification for Schneider Electric’s calibration equipment used for the PowerLogic ION meters

PowerLogic and ION meters' calibration equipment is not currently certified per ISO 17025 standards. The reason for this is that the calibration houses (e.g. 3rd party) are required to meet ISO 17025 certification standards as well. Not all the calibration houses used for PowerLogic and ION meters meet these requirements; Schneider Electric, therefore, is not able to attain ISO 17025 certification on PowerLogic and ION meters.

The ION meters are shipped from the factory with a certificate of compliance and calibration. In the event that this certificate was lost or never recieved, a copy can be obtained by providing the meter's serial number and sending the request to technical support.
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