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What is used for a blank for top cable opening in a SA26PS ?

Closing plate for Speed D board underground pull section

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The SA26PS and SA26PSR DO NOT come with standard side covers. They are normally associated to a switchboard, and the switchboard has side covers on both sides (please reference the Speed-D instruction bulletin). The SA26PS and SA26PSR only come with the metal wire way barrier (has an opening in the top for pulling cable through the pull section to the switchboard. If a customer wishes to use an SA26PS or SA26PSR as "stand alone" sections, side covers MUST be ordered separately.

80370-004-02 (indoor side cover - requires (2) per side)
80370-025-01 (N3R side cover - requires (1) per side)

No, there is not a cover plate that goes over that wireway opening. It must be replaced with a side cover

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