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Are all NEMA 3R covers for Speed-D and QED switchboards hinged on the same side?

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QED switchboards

NEMA PB-2, UL 891, NFPA 70 Art. 408

An understanding of this feature can help identify replacement parts, when needed.

A detailed explanation is required.  Speed-D NEMA 3R enclosure doors are hinged opposite of QED-2 and S.  Speed-D is right hinged, the others left hinged.  For a single section 48 inches wide or wider, a double door is used (with hinges on left and right).  If a EUSERC metering compartment is one of two adjacent sections, that EUSERC section and the other adjacent section will have a double door (the left section, left-hinged; the right section, right hinged).  The 36 inch wide Speed-D NEMA 3R enclosure door and the 36 inch wide QED-S/2 door can be interchanged, effecting a "switch" in the side of the section which is hinged;  however, the hinges must be moved (the portions which are bolted to the frame).  The part number for a Speed-D 36 in wide NEMA 3R door is 80370-128-50.
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