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Since the Nema bi-metal overload relays are now obslete, how can overload relay be replaced in a Size 0, 00 and 1 starter?

Need for bimetal overload replacement

Product Line:
Class 8536, 8538, 8539, 8810, 8736, 8738, 8738

Full Voltage  Starters and Reversing NEMA starters Sold in the United States

Selecting the correct replacement overload as a replacement in NEMA starte applications. 


For 1 phase applications use 9065SADR751 adaptor with appropiate LRD overload relay
For 3 phase applications use 9065SADR75 adaptor with appropiate LRD overload relay



8539BG11 disconnects 8538SBA11 8538SCA33 8538SDA44 8538SEG32 8538SBA12 8538SCA34 8538SDA44S8 8538SEG33 8538SBA13 8538SCA42 8538SDA46 8538SEG35 8538SBA21 8538SCA42S8 8538SDA46S8 8538SEW11 8538SBA21S8 8538SCA43 8538SDA61 8538SEW12 8538SBA22 8538SCA43S8 8538SDA62 8538SEW13 8538SBA22S8 8538SCA44 8538SDA63 8538SEW15 8538SBA23 8538SCA44S8 8538SDA64 8538SEW21 8538SBA23S8 8538SCA61 8538SDA65 8538SEW23 8538SBA32 8538SCA62 8538SDA66 8538SEW25 8538SBA33 8538SCA63 8538SDG11 8538SEW32 8538SBA42 8538SCA64 8538SDG11S8 8538SEW33 8538SBA42S8 8538SCA65 8538SDG12 8538SEW35 8538SBA43 8538SCA66 8538SDG12S8 8538SEW43 8538SBA43S8 8538SCG11 8538SDG14 8538SEW45 8538SBA61 8538SCG11S8 8538SDG14S8 8538SFA11 8538SBA62 8538SCG12 8538SDG16 8538SFA13 8538SBA63 8538SCG12S8 8538SDG16S8 8538SFA15 8538SBA64 8538SCG13 8538SDG32 8538SFA21 8538SBA65 8538SCG13S8 8538SDG32S8 8538SFA23 8538SBA66 8538SCG14 8538SDG34 8538SFA25 8538SBG11 8538SCG14S8 8538SDG34S8 8538SFA33 8538SBG11S8 8538SCG32 8538SDG36 8538SFA35 8538SBG12 8538SCG32S8 8538SDG36S8 8538SFA45 8538SBG12S8 8538SCG33 8538SDG61 8538SFA53 8538SBG13 8538SCG33S8 8538SDG62 8538SFG13 8538SBG13S8 8538SCG34 8538SDG63 8538SFG15 8538SBG32 8538SCG34S8 8538SDW11 8538SFG33 8538SBG32S8 8538SCG61 8538SDW11S8 8538SFG35 8538SBG33 8538SCG62 8538SDW12 8538SFW11 8538SBG33S8 8538SCG63 8538SDW12S8 8538SFW13 8538SBG61 8538SCW11 8538SDW14 8538SFW15 8538SBG62 8538SCW11S8 8538SDW14S8 8538SFW33 8538SBG63 8538SCW12 8538SDW16 8538SFW35 8538SBW11 8538SCW12S8 8538SDW16S8 8538SGA11 8538SBW11S8 8538SCW13 8538SDW21 8538SGA13 8538SBW12 8538SCW13S8 8538SDW22 8538SGA16 8538SBW12S8 8538SCW14 8538SDW24 8538SGA21 8538SBW13 8538SCW14S8 8538SDW26 8538SGA23 8538SBW13S8 8538SCW21 8538SDW32 8538SGA25 8538SBW21 8538SCW22 8538SDW32S8 8538SGA33 8538SBW22 8538SCW23 8538SDW34 8538SGA35 8538SBW23 8538SCW24 8538SDW34S8 8538SGA43 8538SBW32 8538SCW32 8538SDW36 8538SGA45 8538SBW32S8 8538SCW32S8 8538SDW36S8 8538SGG11 8538SBW33 8538SCW33 8538SDW42 8538SGG13 8538SBW33S8 8538SCW33S8 8538SDW43 8538SGG15 8538SBW42 8538SCW34 8538SDW44 8538SGG33 8538SBW43 8538SCW34S8 8538SDW46 8538SGG35 8538SBW61 8538SCW42 8538SDW61 8538SGW11 8538SBW62 8538SCW44 8538SDW62 8538SGW13 8538SBW63 8538SCW61 8538SDW63 8538SGW15 8538SBW64 8538SCW62 8538SDW64 8538SGW33 8538SBW65 8538SCW63 8538SDW65 8538SGW35 8538SBW66 8538SCW64 8538SDW66 8538SHA11 8538SCA11 8538SCW65 8538SEA11 8538SHA12 8538SCA12 8538SCW66 8538SEA12 8538SHA13 8538SCA128538S1 8538SDA11 8538SEA13 8538SHA21 8538SCA13 8538SDA12 8538SEA15 8538SHA22 8538SCA138538S1 8538SDA14 8538SEA21 8538SHA23 8538SCA14 8538SDA16 8538SEA22 8538SHA32 8538SCA148538S1 8538SDA21 8538SEA23 8538SHA33 8538SCA21 8538SDA21S8 8538SEA25 8538SHA42 8538SCA21S8 8538SDA22 8538SEA32 8538SHA43 8538SCA22 8538SDA22S8 8538SEA33 8538SHG11 8538SCA228538S1 8538SDA24 8538SEA35 8538SHG12 8538SCA22S8 8538SDA24S8 8538SEA42 8538SHG13 8538SCA23 8538SDA26 8538SEA43 8538SHG32 8538SCA238538S1 8538SDA26S8 8538SEA45 8538SHG33 8538SCA23S8 8538SDA32 8538SEFG1 8538SHW11 8538SCA24 8538SDA34 8538SEG11 8538SHW12 8538SCA248538S1 8538SDA36 8538SEG12 8538SHW13 8538SCA24S8 8538SDA42 8538SEG13 8538SHW32 8538SCA32 8538SDA42S8 8538SEG15 8538SHW33 Contactors Starters Op Mechs


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