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What are some of the less common busway plug-in unit catalog number suffixes and their meaning?

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UL 857, CSA C22.2 No. 27-1973, NFPA 70 Art. 368

In order to determine if a busway plug-in unit with few or no additional catalog number suffixes may be a suitable substitution for one which has one or more additional suffixes, the meaning of each suffix must be understood.

Here is a (partial) list of some less common busway plug-in unit catalog number suffixes, and their meaning:

A:     The letter "A" as a suffix designates special lugs, most often understood to be copper compression lugs, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

C:     The letter "C" as a suffix designates copper mechanical lugs.

G:     A single letter "G" as a suffix commonly designates a ground provision on the plug-in unit, and this is now a standard feature, although in the past it was an option.  Where this provision is not desirable (for some older busway installations), this provision is removable.  A second letter "G" suffix in the catalog number is a "partial" suffix:  see "GS", below.

GS:  The letters "GS" as a suffix designate gasketing on the plug-in unit.

LP:  The "LP" suffix denotes "Lug Pad Only" - No Lugs provided on the load base. Customer supplies their own lugs.

R:     The letter "R" as a suffix for a fusible plug-in unit catalog number designates Class R fuse clips.

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