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How can an old ATV71 configuration file be transferred to a newer ATV71 drive?

Do Schneider Electric drives connect to Allen Bradley Blue Hose protocol?

Product line:
Altivar, ATV61 ATV71, ATV312, ATV12

All models, all serial numbers

Need to transfer file

Please follow the step below to upload properly the ATV71 V6.5 with configuration file from ATV71 V5.7 for example.

Step 1 : Upload the configuration file
Once Somove is opened, load the project (configuration file from ATV71 V5.7).
On tab "Configuration" click on ""Store to Device"
Follow the different step until the pop-up message saying "Store to device is successful"
Close the project, do to that click on the "Home page" button

Step 2 : Connection to the Drive (ATV71 V6.5)
On the SoMove home page click on "Connect"
Follow the steps
The ATV71 is connected to SoMove and the configuration is transferred.
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