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Powerlink AS Breaker Test for Interface Module testing

Test Powerlink AS breakers and Interface Module
Replace Powerlink AS Interface Module

Product Line:
Powerlink AS Panelboard
NEHB or QOB motorized breakers

Commercial Buildings, North America

Powerlink AS was a product sold between approximately 1995 to 2000.  In 2000, it was replaced by Powerlink G3.  As of the time of the writing of this FAQ in 2015, there are no breakers or other Powerlink AS components available through Schneider Electric.   
If a Powerlink AS installation has a failed Interface Module, and the installation does manage to find a functioning Interface Module to install in the panel, then it is recommended that they test all breakers per the following test in order to find any "killer breakers" which can damage the new Interface Module.  


The procedure below must be performed by a qualified electrical technician using necessary safety precautions and protective clothing. 

1. IMPORTANT Turn off every breaker at the black handle. Leave every breaker in auto mode with the white tap pushed in.
2. Power down the panel
3. Remove deadfront
4. unplug all breakers from the control strips on the left and right side. See attached photos titled "remove breaker from control bus * "
5. power up the panel. control module will boot up. See photo "control module initializing ". Wait for boot up sequence to end.
6. Push breakers into the control bus 1 at time. Each breaker should ratchet 3 times. See video "powerlink AS breaker ratchet video ". Listen to the sound. The breakers should ratchet strongly 3 times as they do in the video. Look for bad breakers as explained below.
7. After you plug each breaker in the control bus, assuming you don't have any weak ones, power down the panel, Replace Deadfront,
8. Reinstall the Control Module . Power back up to reboot the control module. Control module should recognize all breakers when it boots up.
9. Lastly, turn on the main black handle of all breakers.

This procedure is used to look for bad breakers. A breaker with a shorted diode will either not switch or sound weak. Such a breaker will damage the Interface Module over time.  They must be found, removed, and replaced. When a breaker is inserted into the bus strip for testing, that breaker handle must be OFF.   This prevents line voltage from getting back into the control side where it can damage the Interface Module.  One must get a feel for how healthy breakers sound when switching in order to have a reference for testing.  But once one plugs in several normal breakers, then one should be able to recognize if there is a breaker that does not ratchet or ratchets very weakly.  The bad breakers will not damage the Interface Module as long as the main black handle of the breaker is OFF.   But once they are turned on, they can damage the Interface Module so they need to be found and removed from the panel.  

Removing Breaker from Control Bus:

Control Module Initializing:

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