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What is the difference between the RM17TA00, RM17TT00, RM17TU00, and the RM17TE00?

What is the difference between the RM17TA00, RM17TT00, RM17TU00, and the RM17TE00?

Product Line:
IEC Control and Measurement Relays - GIC Product

US Product

These relays are all listed as valid substitutions for older product.

The RM17TA00, RM17TT00, RM17TU00, and RM17TE00 are all phase loss relays which also monitor phase sequence. In addition to this, the RM17TA00 also provides asymmetry monitoring, the RM17TU00 also provides undervoltage monitoring, and the RM17TE00 also provides under/overvoltage monitoring and asymmetry monitoring.
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