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What is the replacement for the High HP ATS01N softstarters?

Wants to order the ATS01N230LY, ATS01N244LY, ATS01N272LY or ATS01N285LY

Product line:
ATS01, Altistart 01, High HP

All models

The launch of the ATS22 in 2011 caused the High HP units to become redundant.


The ATS01 High HP units were replaced with the ATS22 units.  These are functional replacements only.  The ATS01 had no overload protection, an internal power supply and simple dial adjustments.  The ATS22 will require external 120V or 230V power.  There are no dials to adjust, but the unit will need to be programmed.  See the ATS22 User Maual, document BBV51300 to review the wiring, dimensions and programming.

ATS01N230LY - 32A rated.  Replaced by ATS22D32S6U
ATS01N244LY - 44A rated.  Replaced by ATS22D47S6U
ATS01N272LY - 72A rated.  Replaced by ATS22D75S6U
ATS01N285LY - 85A rated.  Replaced by ATS22D88S6U

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