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Testing publication & data import in Facility Insights



Following a successful publication, the ComX name has not been upgraded and devices do not appear in the Facility Insights Tree View.
  1. Refresh the page (F1)
  2. Sign out and sign back into your Facility Insights account
  3. Launch the Publication Test again
  4. Wait 15 minutes and refresh the page again
  5. Contact Schneider Electric Technical Support
Usage/zone is not reported or is missing from the Consumption Per Usage widget and Consumption Per Zone
  1. Check that the fields usage, building, floor, and zone have been properly set in the Facility Insights Settings tab.
Note: The asset Main Meter is not displayed in those widgets. Only 5 assets may be displayed at once.
There is no value shown in the Electrical Distribution widget
  1. Check the box Electrical Distribution Diagram is enabled for one of the devices in the Facility Insights settings tab.
Some widgets are missing values
  1. Check the Time Range displayed
There is no value shown in the Baseload widget This widget only displays values from the previous day.
The Breaker dashboard is incomplete Verify the breaker has been properly instrumented with the complimentary module (BSCM for compact NSX)
There is no breaker in list of devices Verify the box entitled is active has been enabled for the relevent breakers in the Facility Insights settings tab.
An incorrect device has been configured in the ComX Use the function Replace the Device in the ComX. Publish data. Data history is preserved.

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