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Replacing LU9BC11, LU9BC20, LUA1C110, and LUA1C200

There is no cross for these parts, how can they be replaced?

Product Line:
TeSysU Contact Blocks - GIC Product

US Product

There is no direct cross for these parts

The add-on contact blocks for the TeSysU used to be sold in two pieces.  The LU9BC11 and the LU9BC20 were the terminal blocks, and the LUA1C110 and LUA1C200 were the contact blocks without the terminals.  These contact blocks are now only sold as a single complete piece.
The LU9BC11 and LUA1C110 are sold together as part number LUA1C11.
The LU9BC20 and LUA1C200 are sold together as part number LUA1C20.

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