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Can the ATS48 or ATS22 JOG a motor?

Can the ATS48 or ATS22 JOG a motor?

Product Line:
Altistart 48
Altistart 22

All serial numbers

Customer wants to be able to jog or bump the motor using a Soft Starter.

No, Soft Starters do not have a Jog function. When given a run command, Soft Starters are designed to ramp a motor all the way up to full speed. They will ramp all the way up before they will ramp down.

There is no speed control or immediate stop functionality in Soft Starters like there is in drives. Soft Starters will ramp a motor up to full speed within the amount of time programmed, and then monitor current draw while the motor is running. 

If jogging or 'bumping' is necessary for your application, consider using a drive instead of a Soft Starter. 
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