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Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.2 Cumulative Update 2 (PME 7.2.2 CU2)

Cumulative Update 2 release for PME 7.2.2

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.2

Power Monitoring Expert Software Update

It is recommended to install CU2 on the following systems:
  • Power Monitoring Expert v7.2.2
  • Power Monitoring Expert v7.2.2 Data Center Edition
  • Power Monitoring Expert v7.2.2 Heathcare Edition
  • Any of the above versions including CU1 are also recommended to install CU2

PME v7.2.2 CU2 includes all fixes from PME v7.2.2 CU1

CU1 includes two main fixes:
  • Fix to the Site Server Service where devices going offline after a communication issue could remain offline without any notification to the user.
  • Fix to the PM8000 series, PM5500, PM5300_5100 and PM3250 drivers related to data logging stopping under certain circumstances.
and also includes resolutions to the following behaviors :

The numerous 'site connected' and 'connection_broken' events that are commonly seen are now written to the console, rather than the system log. These are events that occur during normal operation and do not need to be written to  the ION_SystemLog
When querying for historical data in Diagrams, the entire data set will be available to the chart, where previously it was necessary to scroll to the bottom of the data table to retrieve all the historical records.
A problem where the Tables Application would time-out or appear non-responsive in systems that include a large number of standard and custom topics.
A number of hierarchy apportionment and allocation behaviors have been resolved.  Anyone using this functionality is recommended to install this CU release. 
The Excel-based reporting tool 'Reporter' has been updated to be compatible with Excel 2013

This enables the ability to deploy custom reports that have been developed with the Report Development Kit 2.0 (RDK 2.0)

PME 7.2.2 CU2 should be installed on the following systems:
  • Standalone
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Engineering Client
If PME 7.2.2 is not already installed, PME 7.2 Service Pack 2 can be found in FA230563.
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