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How to get trip history out of Powerpact H, J and L frame Micrologic trip units

Is there a record of trip history that can be seen on the trip unit screen of Powerpact H, J and L breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Powerpact H, J and L frame circuit breakers, with Micrologic Ammeter and Energy Trip Units
5.2A, 6.2A, 5.2E, 6.2E, 5.3A, 6.3A, 5.3E, 6.3E trip units

Trip history is stored in the trip unit, but it is not visible on the trip unit screen.
Trip history can be obtained using the following:
(1) From a Front Display Module FDM121 (if connected to the breaker)
(2) Remotely, using communications
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