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Where can one find the Panelboard Retrofit sheet?

Where can one find the Panelboard Retrofit form?

Product Line:

NF NQ I-line QMB

Special Trim and Cover required for existing enclosures.

The panelboard retrofit form is located in the supplemental Digest but is also attached.

The retrofit form is for creating a custom trim to fit an existing Schneider Electric or competitor's enclosure, with a new current style interior. The door opening of the trim will match the interior and the matting around the opening will be adjusted to match the enclosure. If the trim has a door the door will also be included. This is for NEMA 1 applications only. We do not do retrofits for N3R.

Some basic parameters to consider:
1. Enclosures that are 17"W and above, use the standard 20" W NQ and NF interiors.
2. Enclosures under 17"W, use the RTI 14"W NQ interiors.
3. A NQ or NF panel can be up to 3" longer than the existing enclosure. For example, a 38" interior can go in a 35" existing enclosure.
4 The contractor must center the interior in the enclosure and attach it to the back of the box with whatever method they see fit. In some cases it will need to also be shimmed to the correct elevation.
5. The retrofit form must be completed and submitted to the distributor who will submit to the local sales office to obtain price and availability as well as feasibility from our panel TAG group.
6. NEMA 1 applications only. Not available for N3R
7. Refer to the on-line supplemental Digest or refer to the attachment below.

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