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What is the difference between LCSBasic and LCSAdvanced?

What is the difference between LCSBasic and LCSAdvanced?

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Powerlink Lighting Control
Powerlink G3

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LCSBasic and LCSAdvanced are similar in most respects.  There are 2 major differences.  

The first major difference is that LCSAdvanced allows multiple Powerlink Devices to be part of a "system".    One can go online with the system and be connected to all of Powerlink Devices at the same time.   This is useful if the Powerlink application is a building with multiple panels all on the same LAN, administered from a central control station.   LCSBasic only allows one device per system.  If one had multiple controllers, one must save each one as a separate system, connect to one Powerlink Controller at a time.  

The other difference between LCSAdvancedand LCSBasic is that LCSAvanced has a Device Discovery function.   One can input a range of serial address or IP Addresses and let the software search for Powerlink Controllers on the network.  

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