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Are alternate lugs available for the EZM3800TBCU Main device?

Alternate Lugs

EZM Metering

Alternate Lugs

Change in Wire Size

The standard terminal lug data for the EZM3800TBCU is (4) 3/0 - 500kcmil Al/Cu wires per phase and neutral and (1) #6 - 300kcmil Al/Cu for the ground lug.

To use (2) 1/0 - 600 kcmil Al/Cu wires Max. per phase and neutral or (4) 1/0 - 250 kcmil Al/Cu wires Max per Phase and Neutral use the mechanical lug kit MMLK250.
The kit inlcudes 3 double barrel lugs and each lug will accept (1) 600kcmil or (2) 250kcmil wires, then each phase and the neutral will accept 2 Lugs.The ground lug remains the same as the above standard.

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