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Video: How to Save and Upload Meter Templates from One Device to Another Using ION Setup.

Need to make meter configuration on two devices virtually identical.

Product Line:
ION 8300, 8400, 8500, 86xx, 75xx, 76xx, 73xx
ION Setup

Power Monitoring

Meter is aging and needs replaced/ updated, or custom functionality has been programmed in one device and is needed in all installed devices.

*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).

You can copy (Save to PC) a configuration from one meter
and paste (Send to Meter) it to another meter of the same type using ION Setup.

Open ION Setup and connect to the original meter with the intended program.
In the Setup Assistant, click the Template setup screen on the left as illustrated below.

This screen has four tabs:
  • Save to PC lets you save a device configuration file (.dcf) containing custom
    configuration changes. You can make custom changes to one meter, upload the
    configuration file onto a workstation, and then download this file onto one or
    more other meters. You can only download the .dcf file to other meters of the
    same type.
    • NOTE Uploading or retrieving device configuration may take some time. If you abort the procedure, ION Setup
      provides you with a list of the copy procedures that were successfully completed before they were stopped.
  • Send to Meter lets you download to other meters a configuration file you have
    created or uploaded. The following formats are supported:
    •  ION Setup device configuration file (.dcf)
    •  ION Enterprise framework file (.fwn)
      • NOTE Framework (.fwn) files created in PEGASYS software are not supported.
  • Firmware upgrade lets you upgrade the meter to gain access to new or
    enhanced ION modules. When you perform a firmware upgrade, you are
    prompted to download the configuration file onto the meter. See the Upgrading
    PowerLogic ION Device Firmware
    technical note for more information on
    upgrading your device’s firmware.
  • Register Edit lets you to view and modify energy register values.
Template Paste Options
Some modules are not copied when upgrading firmware, saving to PC or sending
to a meter. The setup registers of the following modules remain intact and must be
configured manually:
  • Communications modules Security Option modules
  • Security User modules
  • Log Mail modules
The Template Paste Options screen also allows you the option of retaining PT/CT,Clock/Nameplate settings and Energy Readings.

  • PT/CT Settings retains your setup registers for Power Meter modules.
  • Clock Settings retains your setup registers for the clock module.
  • Nameplate Settings retains your Owner, Tag1 and Tag2 settings.
  • Energy Readings retains the integrator values from your energy registers.
  • ITC Settings retains your instrument transformer correction settings.
Communication settings may now need to be applied manually to fully replace original meter.

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