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Does Square D offer individual Circuit breaker enclosure for the Homeline breakers?

Are there HOM breaker enclosures like the QO2100BNS?

HOM breakers

Miniature breaker enclosures

Need individual 200 A HOM breaker enclosure

No, Individual circuit breaker enclosures for the Homeline breakers are not available.

BUT, Square D does offer some small 2space-4circuit load centers, for single phase-3 wire applications that are basically the same size or similar to what a individual circuit breaker enclosure would be. The following catalog numbers are what Square D offers:
1) The HOM24L70F(indoor NEMA 1, Flush mount)
2) The HOM24L70S(indoor NEMA 1, Surface mount)
3) The HOM48L125GC (Indoor NEMA 1, comes with a combination cover for either flush or surface mount)
4) HOM24L70RB (Outdoor NEMA 3R)
5) HOM48L125GRB (Outdoor NEMA 3R) 

Also NOTE, Square D offers a Homeline SPA-PAK catalog number HOME250SPA, which is a small enclosure that comes from the factory with a HOM250GFI breaker installed for single phase-3wire applications. 
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