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Will ground-fault protection on the LX and LE circuit breaker work without 120 Vac control power being supplied?

Product Line:
LX and LE Square D, Micrologic Series B
The ground fault does not require the Ground Fault Test Circuit to be supplied with 120 Vac over terminal 3 and 4 to function. The circuit only powers the ground fault test function which simulates a ground fault for testing purposes.
  Terminal Name
1 Neutral CT (to X1) Neutral CT (to X1)
2 Neutral CT (to X2) Neutral CT (to X2)
3 Ground-fault Test 120 Vac Ground-fault Test 120Vac
4 Ground-fault Test 120 Vac Ground-fault Test 120 Vac
5 Reversed ST Restraint IN
6 Reversed ST Restraint OUT
7 Reversed GF Restraint IN or GF Alarm
8 Reversed GF Restraint OUT or GF Alarm Restraint
9 Reversed Restraint COMMON
10 Reversed COMMON CIM3F—RED
11 Reversed CIM3F—Black
12 Reversed Reversed
13 Reversed CIM3F—BLUE
14 Reversed CIM3F—ORANGE
15 Reversed  Reserved
16 Reversed  Reserved
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