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How to Select TeSys IEC Contactors & Overload Relay Part Numbers

Product selection of a Schneider Electric TeSys IEC  Non-Reversing & Reversing  Contactors and  Overload Relays  for a new installation, assistance is available using the online TeSys IEC configuration tool.

Product Line:
TeSys IEC  Contactors & Overload Relays: TeSys D, TeSys F and TeSy  K

TeSys D, TeSys F & TeSys K Contactors and Overload Relay Sold in the United States

Selecting the correct product for a new installation involves many factors, such as Continuous current Rating,  Motor Voltage,  Maximum Horse power Ratings, Maximum Current  Utilization Category ( Resistive vs. Inductive)  Number of phases & poles, and overload ( current range & phase sensitivity)
Consider the following options when selecting new items for installation:

(1) Our Online Digest. Please refer to Chapter 18 which provides selection assistance for our TeSys  IEC contactors and starters and the associated accessories:

(2) Use the online Calculators and Visual Product Configurators at the following link :

(3) Further assistance is available from a local authorized Schneider Electric Distributor, using our Distributor Locator at the below link:

All the above tools may be found by visiting our US Home Page.
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