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XY2CH European Safety Standard

Conforming to ISO 13850 European Union Machinery Directive safety circuits must use the emergency stop devices with 2 N.C. contacts in category 3 or 4 safety control systems. What are the parameters of category 3 & 4 of the European Safety Standard?

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XY2CH, XY2CE Cable Pull Switches

Machine Safety Products, Safety Solutions XY2

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European Safety Standard requires the system principles to achieve safety conform to the following system behaviors, redundancy & redundancy + self monitoring: standard 3 & 4 respectively.
Redundancy: For a single fault, the safety function is always ensured. Only some faults will be detected. The accumulation of undetected faults can lead to loss of the safety function.
Redundancy + Self-monitoring:  When faults occur, the safety function is always ensured. Faults will be detected in time to prevent loss of safety function
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