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What is the replacement 3 pole starter for an 8810SCO1?

What are the replacement parts for an 8810SCO1? 3 pole starter and 5 pole starter?

Product Line:
8810 Two-Speed Starters

US Product Lines

The digest does not specify

The replacement parts consist of the following:
5P Device / Starter Components = 8536SCO3* (3P Starter) + 9999SB9 (2P NO Power Pole)
3P Device / Starter Complete = 8536SCO3*
Electrical Interlocks (only the internal NO is supplied with 8502 or 8536 replacement)
  Internal: NO = 9999SX11 and NC = 9999SX12
  External: NO = 9999SX6 and NC = 9999SX7

*add the appropriate voltage code to complete the part number
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