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How to install Powerlink in a column width breaker panel?

How are Powerlink lighting control panel boards constructed for column-width applications?

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Powerlink Lighting Control Panelboards

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Powerlink lighting control panel boards normally have a left and right control bus.  A column-width panelboard consists of a single vertical row of breakers in a tall, narrow width enclosure.

The Powerlink G3 Controller is still installed at the top of the panel above the top most breaker.  Control Buses are installed on the right side of the panel.  The Right Control Bus is installed first, at the top of the panel board.  The Powerlink G3 Controller connects into the Right Control Bus.  The Left Control Bus is rotated 180 degrees from its normal position and installed below the Right Control bus in an upside-down orientation.   The Powerlink Power supply connected into the Left Control Bus at the bottom of the panelboard.  The Column Width Controller Cable NFCWG3 must be used to connect the Power Supply to the Powerlink G3 Controller.

The Powerlink Controller can be reprogrammed to change the breaker numbers.  In a normal panel, the Right Control Bus begins at breaker 2 and increases by 2 (2-4-6).   In a column width panelboard, the controller can be reprogrammed for the right control bus to start at 1 and increase by 1's.  (1, 2, 3, ...).   In a column with panel board, the Left Control bus is oriented upside down.  It must be programmed to start at the largest breaker number of the panel and decrease by 1's.  (42, 41, 40,..... ).   The breaker numbering scheme can be adjusted on the Powerlink G3 Controller under Controller Menou -> Control Buses or in LCS under the Panels and Breakers tab of Device Editor. 
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