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Replacment contacts for Definite Purpose Contactors and Starters 40A or less

Are replacement contacts available for definite purpose contactors and starters 40A or less?

Product Line:

8910DP11, 8910DP21, 8910DP31, 8910DP41
8910DP12, 8910DP22, 8910DP32, 8910DP42

8910DPA12, 8910DPA13, 8910DPA14
8910DPA22, 8910DPA23, 8910DPA24
8910DPA32, 8910DPA33, 8910DPA34
8910DPA42, 8910DPA43, 8910DPA44

8911DPSO12, 8911DPSO22, 8911DPSO32, 8911DPSO42
8911DPSO13, 8911DPSO23, 8911DPSO33, 8911DPSO43


US product


Replacement contacts had previously been available for these units


8910DP Series C units which are 40A or less do not have replaceable contacts.  The entire unit must be replaced.

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