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What are the New Homeline Plug-ON Neutral Catalog numbers that replaces the OLD Homeline catalog numbers?

New Homeline PON Catalog numbers

Product Line:
Homeline load centers

Cross reference of Homeline Old to New Load Center catalog numbers

Homeline redesign

ALL the Homeline load centers have been redesigned to the new Plug-On Neutral(PON) design. The new PON load centers were designed for the purpose of eliminating the need for the White Neutral Wire(or 'Pigtail' wire) traditionally used on the Arc Fault and Ground Fault branch breakers. The new PON branch breakers contain a Plug-On Neutral Terminal instead of the white wire, this terminal plugs onto the branch neutral bars located on both sides of the interiors within the load centers.
The new PON design incorporated ALL the load centers to be fully 'Tandemized', which means all the PON interiors accept a tandem branch breaker in EVERY pole space, Therefore, ALL the old NON-PON Homeline catalog numbers have been replaced to reflect the new PON design and tandem capability.

Below attached are two cross reference documents(a Retail and Wholesale version) that show the old NON-PON catalog numbers crossed over to the new PON catalog numbers. 

1) All the new PON catalog numbers follow the same catalog logic and Convertibility of Main Lug to Main Breaker and Main Breaker to Main Lug by using the APPROPRIATE Main Breaker Frame size for each load center catalog number. The QOM1 main frame size from 50A through 125Amp OR the QOM2 main frame size from 100 through 225amp, that Square D has used for Homeline load centers. Below are a few examples of old to new catalog number;
a) Old HOM816M100C to New HOM816M100PC (the suffix 'P' added to denote Plug-On Neutral.
b) Old HOM40M200TC to New HOM4080M200PC (the new number shows full tandem capability(40-80) and the suffix 'P' added for Plug-On Neutral)
c) Old HOM3040L200TC to New HOM3060L225PGC (new number shows full tandem capability(30-60), suffix 'P' for PON and suffix G for ground bar included and convertible to main)
d) Old HOM4060L200TC to New HOM4080L225PGC (new number shows full tandems(40-80), suffix 'P' for PON and suffix G for ground bar included)

2) For the Main Lug Only(MLO) load centers, all of the old 150amp max. and 200amp max. versions have been changed to a 225amp Maximum, so Square D no longer offers a 150amp or 200amp MLO Catalog Number in the new PON load centers. But since these are MLO and there is NO overcurrent device the 225amp is a Maximum rating.

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