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I have an old Square D switchboard that I need to add a breaker to. What information do I need to supply to you?

The most helpful information is to identify the “plant code” (2-digit number), “factory order number” (8-digit number) followed by a dash and then the “line item” (3-digit number) stamped into the Square D equipment nameplate.  See below picture. If the factory order number is less than 8-digits, chances are the switchboard is more than 15 years old and less likely that we still retain record drawings.

If the above information is not available, other useful information would be any photographs and/or notes of the quantity of any blank fillers, their size (height) and locations, the width of the sections and the largest amp frame devices presently mounted in the interior. Additionally, please provide the supply voltage and maximum amp rating of the switchboard.

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