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What is the external power supply to power the Mircologic trip unit?

Product Line:
Micrologic Trip Unit

Need power to Micrologic trip unit,  possible causes
  • 20% of the load is not running through breaker.
  • using advanced trip function like Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI)


  The following are the catalog numbers of the various power supplies. All produce a 24 Vdc output. 
Cat. No. Input Output
685823 24–30 Vdc  
24 VDC, 1 A
(all have this same output)
685824 48–60 Vdc
685825 100–125 Vdc
685826 110–130 Vac
685827 200–240 Vac
685829 380–415 Vac

See instruction bulletin, S1A80373.
As an example this is a picture of the 685826.

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