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How do I add the Monahan Engineering SER_x53 (Sequence of Events Recorder) to a Unity application?

The information contained in this resolution applies to Unity Pro XL version 3.1 or higher.
The purpose of this resolution is to provide the user with the tools and procedures necessary to integrate the MEI (Monaghan Engineering Inc) GPS and SER  modules into a Unity application.
 The resolution will provide a Unity Types Library update along with a working example in the form of an Unity XEF file which can be used with Unity Pro XL 3.1 or higher.
Preliminary Step: Create a new folder on your hard drive and name it MEI. Unzip the attached file called "Unity 3 MEI" into this new folder.

Part 1 of this resolution will demonstrate how to update the Unity Types Library. Upon completing the Types Library update, the MEI folder will appear in the Unity Libset.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Part 2 of this resolution will demonstrate how to assign "Generic I/O" parameters for the GPS 100 and SER x53 modules allowing each to be recognized by Unity .
Part 3 of this resolution will direct the user to the sample XEF file. This XEF file will illustrate the use of the GPS and SER_x53 EFB's.

Part 1:  Updating the Types Library        
 If you are already familiar with the procedure for updating the Types Library, you can perform the update by accessing the "family.dsc" file found in the
Unity 3 MEI attachment. After the update proceed to Part 2 of this resolution.
 If you're unfamiliar with this procedure you can follow the steps described in the attachment titled


Part 2: Creating the "Generic I/O"        
In order for the GPS100 and SERx53 modules to be recognized by Unity, you need to provide specific information in the I/O Map.
The GPS 100 is configured by using the option for Generic Analog IO.

The SER_X53 is configured by using the option for Generic Discrete IO.
The parameters for each module can be found in the attached file named   "Unity Card Configuration .zip". 

Once the required entries are made you can IO Map the GPS 100 as a Generic Analog IO and the SER_x53 as a Generic Discrete IO.

Note: The  GPS 100 and SER x53 can be IO mapped for use in a local, remote or DIO drop.

Part 3: Example XEF         
  The attached Unity 3.1 XEF file is provided in order to illustrate the implementation of the GPS  and SER EFBs.


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Product Line: Unity Quantum


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