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Where is Wiser Panel Meter?

Homeowner is setting up Wiser account on   After creating the account, he/she must join devices to the account.   The homeowner may know that the home builder installed a Panel Meter (aka Power Meter) but can not physicially locate the device or the catchphrase.   The catchphrase is needed in order to setup communications between the Wiser Coordinator and the Panel Meter.

Product Line:
Wiser Home Management System

Residential Home

Contractors may install the Panel Meter in a variety of locations.

The Wiser Panel Meter must be located within 6 feet of the Main Breaker Panel of the house.   The current transformers (CTs) have 6' long low voltage cables and therefore the panel meter must be installed within this cable distance of the circuit being measured.  The Panel Meter is typcially installed in one of the following locations.
  • If the breaker panel is inside the house or garage, then the Panel Meter is usually installed above or to the side of the breaker panel.
  • If the breaker panel is outside of the house, look for the Panel Meter inside the house on the inside surface of the exterior wall on which the breaker panel is mounted   Often, it is installed high on the wall, near the ceiling.
  • In KB Home installations in Texas, 2013 to 2014, the contractors often install the Panel Meter in a NEMA 3 box next to the breaker panel on the exterior of the house.  
The catchphrase of the Panel Meter can be found on a sticker attached to the meter.   Also, a loose sticker is shipped with each Panel Meter.  It is intended for contractors to affix this loose sticker to the door of the breaker panel.  

near the breaker panel
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