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Problems encountered using LTU software (and Windows 7) with UTA Maintenance Module to test Powerpact H, J, L Micrologic trip units

Unable to get LTU software to communicate with and test Micrologic trip unit in Powerpact H, J, or L frame circuit breaker

Product Line:
Powerpact H, J, L circuit breakers

Windows 7 and Electrical Distribution Systems

Software configuration is not plug and play and requires some configuration

  1. Check Help and About to see the version of software that you have. If it is anything less than 10.0.0, install the latest software using instructions and files located in FA176080.
  2. After software is updated, reboot computer.
  3. Go to the Setup menu item, and select PC Communication Parameters.
    • Under Serial port name, select com port with identifier: Maintenance Module.  
    • Under Channel, select USB Maint. Module
  4. If there is a problem with either of the Step 2 items:
    • Open Control Panel, double click on Device Manager.
    • Scroll down to Ports, right click and Scan for hardware changes
    • Expand the Ports tree and check for exclamation points "!".  If you find one on the Maintenance Module port, right click and Update Driver Software
  5. Reset the UTA Maint. Module by unplugging from the computer and from the wall outlet for 20 seconds.  Then plug in and reconnect.
  6. Go to Setup and PC Communication parameters again and check settings.
    • Under Serial port name, select com port with identifier: Maintenance Module.  If not available, move USB cable to a different USB port on your computer.
    • Under Channel, select USB Maint. Module
  7. Go to Remote Functions and Get Micrologic Settings
  8. Proceed with testing.

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