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Can an HCR-U I-Line panel with a 1200a main breaker be mounted as top or bottom feed?

Installation of panel 


I-Line main breaker


I-Line main breaker panels are available factory assembled either as top or bottom feed. HCN,HCM, HCW, and HCP Panels in the digest are all designed for bottom feed and can be modified in the field for top feed. You would remove the main breaker, rotate the interior 180 degrees, reverse the lugs on the main breaker, and reinstall (now on top of the interior).

NOTE: Rotating the interior will affect the location of larger backfed main breaker (wide side only) on HCWM-U  and  HCR-U. On a bottom feed interior, the ``wide side`` is on the left of the bus stack. On a top feed interior, the ``wide side`` is on the right side of the bus stack.
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