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PLC Multipoint LC8, CES, and MAS sensor installation manuals

CES and MAS sensors with the LC8 Sensor Controller are commonly used on projects with the Powerlink Controllers in order to detect outdoor light levels. 
Schneider Electric does not manufacture these sensors, but we do recommend them. 

Product Line:
Powerling Lighting Control Accessories

Commercial or Institutional Buildings with Lighting Control

The Powerlink G3 inputs can be triggered via low voltage dry contact closures.  Powerlink G3 controllers can not accept an analog signal.  Thus any external photocell sensors must be of a type that provides a dry contact relay closure when light level reaches a programmed level.  The LC8 Controller coupled to a CES or MAS sensors accomplishes this action.  

The LC8 Controller powers the CES or MAS sensor and receives a 0-10 VDC analog signal corresponding to light level.  High and low adjustment screws in the LC8 determine when the contact closure on the LC8 will open and close.   The sensor and/or LC8 must be calibrated at installation.  

Installation and Maintenance Manuals attached describe the setup and calibration

Additional information about the LC8, CES, and MAS devices can be found at
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