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What is the class 9422 bracket-mounted operating mechanisms for use with KAL and KHL breakers?

What is the class 9422 bracket-mounted operating mechanisms for use with KAL and KHL breakers?

Product Line:
KAL and KHL breaker, 9422 Flange Mounted Circuit Breaker Mechanism

Product sold in the North America

Need a flange mounted or bracket mounted disconnect for circuit breaker in custom panelboard or breaker enclosure.

The part number is 9422BP1.

This bracket mounted operating mechanism consists of the following three basic components:

1.    Class 9422 Type RP1 - Flange mounted operating mechanism for 1, 2 or 3 pole KAL, KHL circuit breakers.

2.    Class 9422 Type A1 - This is a standard flange mounted handle assembly.  Refer to this topic for replacement parts relating to the handle assembly.

3.    Fixed depth mounting bracket

These three basic components are factory assembled and are shipped with the required door interlock and mounting hardware including a metal trimplate.

Minimum enclosure mounting depth is 8" - measured from the top of the enclosure panel to the outside of the enclosure flange surface.  This depth is required to insure the whole assembly can be inserted through the back of the flange cutout without disassembling anything.

This device is NOT designed to fit into commercially available enclosures (Hoffman, Boss, McKinstry, etc.).  Have customer check with enclosure manufacturer for suitability.

The flange cutout required for this device is NOT the standard cutout (see flange cutout requirements below).  The special cutout allows for the whole handle to be inserted through the cutout from inside the enclosure.  Two 1/4 x 20 bolts are used to secure the bracket to the back side of the enclosure flange. The trimplate slips over the handle assembly to cover up the two mounting bolts used to secure the bracket and to "trim" the cutout.
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