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PowerPact Circuit Breakers with YQ Suffix

What does the YQ suffix mean on PowerPact circuit breakers?

Product Line:
PowerPact Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Products sold in North America

Need to lock a circuit breaker in the off position only

The YQ suffix represents a factory installed fixed handle Lock OFF only padlock device.

H and J frame - S37422 Installation Bulletin 488940-241-01 Here is a link.

L frame- NJPAF Installation Bulletin 48041-046-02 Here is a link.

Q frame- QBPAF, QBPAFLH (Left Side) Installation Bulletin 48940-216-01 Here is a link.

M, P, and R frame, MPRPAF Instruction Bulletin 48049-246-01 Here is a link.

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