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Why is SoMove version 2.x not recognizing any of the AC Drives or Soft starters?

Why is SoMove version 2.0 not recognizing  any of the AC Drives or Soft starters?

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The drives and soft starter DTMs are not loaded.

Unless you installed SoMove 2.0 or higher as an upgrade to SoMove Lite you must load the AC Drive DTM and Soft start DTM files separately as well as any other products you need to use SoMove with.  You must also register SoMove after you install it.

You can find the SoMove version 2.0 and the DTM files to install at this link 

To download the SoMove software follow the below procedure:
1 - In area "Product information", click on Documents & Downloads.
2 - In Group of Document Type", click on "Software/Firmware".
3 - Click on "SoMove Lite".
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