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How do you find the MAC address of Powerlink Controller?

How do you find the MAC address of Powerlink Controller?

Product Line:
Powerlink Lighting Control
NF Panelboards

Commercial or Institutional Lighting Control Installation

If Powerlink is installed and connected over IP in a secure network environment, the IT Administrators may need the MAC address in order to allow the device to be on the network.

MAC address is printed on the factory manufacturing label with the serial number and other information.  The label is located on the upper portion of the left side of the controller. The deadfront of the panelboard must be removed in order to see this label. 

If the unit is an NF3000G3 which has included web pages, You can open those web pages by entering the IP Address of the controller into a web browser from any computer on the network with the controller.  On the Powerlink Internal webpages, go to Diagnostics Tab and select Controller Summary on the left side of the screen.  MAC Address is listed in the controller properties shown.
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