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What is the replacement for the KA36150, KA36175, KA36200, KA36225 and KA36250 breakers?

What is the replacement for the KA36100, KA36125, KA36150, KA36175, KA36200, KA36225 and KA36250 breakers?

Product Line:
I Line Circuit breakers

Applies to KA breakers, I-Line panelboards except HCN interior

Cross reference for KA breakers

The suggested replacement breaker are:  
KA36100 = HGA36100
KA36125 = HGA36125
KA36150 = JGA36150
KA36175 = JGA36175
KA36200 = JGA36200
KA36225 = JGA36225
KA36250 = JGA36250

Breakers are rated 18kA at 600V, 35kA at 480V and 65kA at 240V.  Please note that Powerpact H and J frame breakers are functional equivalent breakers and use the same 4.5" of mounting height .

Due to the difference in breaker length from the Legacy breaker to the Powerpact, the mounting foot screw (retaining screw) treads into a different opening than the older circuit breakers. This is designed in this manner, and the panelboard with breakers, has been tested. The purpose of the retaining screw is to keep the breaker from being pulled away from the bus. When the installation is complete, with the breaker in place and the panelboard deadfront trim installed, the breaker will be properly mounted as designed.

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