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Are QO-GFI and HOM-GFI Circuit Breakers available in the Plug On Neutral style (PON), in lieu of a wired neutral connection (pigtail)?

Are QO GFI or HOM GFI breakers made in a plug-on neutral version, without a pigtail?
Is there a PON version of a GFI breaker?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

This applies to 1-pole QO and HOM breakers with GFI suffix

No, there is not a plug-on neutral version of the QO-GFI or HOM-GFI circuit breaker. They are available only with the standard pigtail wire neutral connection (suffix GFI). Note that the pigtail version can be used in standard panels, as well as plug-on neutral panels.

If your application should require dual protection for ground-fault and arc-fault, we have a Dual Function breaker that has both GFI and CAFI in the one breaker, and is available in a pigtail version (suffix DF) and plug-on neutral versions (PDF).
Here are the catalog numbers.
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