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Are replacement coils available for the 8910 or 8911 definite purpose contactors or starters?

8910 or 8911 definite purpose contactors or starters coil replacement 

Product Line:
Definite purpose contactors and starters

8910DPA** contactors
8911DPS** starters

On both 8910DPA contactors and 8911DPS starters the series B devices all had replacement coils, below 50 amps the line has now moved to series C and the coils are not replacable. As such the replacement coils have gone obsolete with no equal replacement. If you have a device with no replacement coil (or an obsolete replacement coil), then replace the complete product. 

For devices 50 amps and above see below: 
Full Load Amperage Poles Class 9998 type Volt A
Inrush Sealed
50-60 2 & 3 DA2*** 109 10
70-90 2 &3 DA3*** 214 19

To complete the part number  fill in the *** with a voltage code from the table below: 
Coil Voltage Voltage code
120VAC V02
277VAC V04
480VAC V06
600VAC V07
208-240VAC V09
24VAC V14

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